Material Safety Data Sheet

According to 91/155 EC
  Printing date 25.09.2003 Reviewed on 25.09.2003  
  •   1 Identification of the substance/preparation and of the

    •   company/undertaking
    • Product details

    • Molecular formula: H O H

    • Trade name: Acquovitrex

    • Article number: CH1867

    • Application of the substance / the preparation Reagent for laboratory

    • Manufacturer/Supplier:

    • Carlo Erba Reagenti
      Strada Rivoltana Km 6/7
      I-20090 Rodano
      Tel.: 0039 02 953251

    • Further information obtainable from: Q.A / Normative
  • * 2 Composition/information on ingredients

    • Chemical characterization

    • Description:

    • Mixture of substances listed below with non-hazardous additions.

      Dangerous components:                                                  
    • Additional information:

    • For the wording of the listed risk phrases refer to section 16.
  •   3 Hazards identification

    • Information concerning to particular hazards to man and environment:

    • The product does not have to be labelled due to the calculation procedure of the "General Classification guideline for preparations of the EU" in the latest valid version.
  •   4 First-aid measures

    • General information: No special measures required.

    • After inhalation:

    • Supply fresh air; consult doctor in case of complaints.
    • After skin contact: Generally the product does not irritate the skin.

    • After eye contact:

    • Rinse opened eye for several minutes under running water.
    • After swallowing: If some symptoms persist seek for medical advice.
  •   5 Fire-fighting measures

    • Suitable extinguishing agents:

    • CO2, powder or water spray. Fight larger fires with water spray or alcohol resistant foam.
    • Protective equipment: No special measures required.
  •   6 Accidental release measures

    • Person-related safety precautions:

    • Use respiratory protective device against the effects of fumes/dust/aerosol.
    • Measures for environmental protection:

    • Dilute with plenty of water after collecting the liquid.
    • Measures for cleaning/collecting:

    • Collect the liquid with vacuum in a suitable container and absorb the remaider with a porous material (diatomite, acid binders, universal binders, etc).
    • Additional information: No dangerous substances are released.
  •   7 Handling and storage

    • Handling:

    • Information for safe handling: No special measures required.

    • Information about fire - and explosion protection:

    • No special measures required.

    • Storage:

    • Requirements to be met by storerooms and receptacles:

    • No special requirements.
    • Information about storage in one common storage facility: Not required.

    • Further information about storage conditions: None.
  •   8 Exposure controls/personal protection

    • Additional information about design of technical facilities:

    • No further data; see item 7.

      Ingredients with limit values that require monitoring at the workplace:
      The product does not contain any relevant quantities of materials with
      critical values that have to be monitored at the workplace.
    • Additional information:

    • The lists valid during the making were used as basis.

    • Personal protective equipment:

    • General protective and hygienic measures:

    • The usual precautionary measures are to be adhered to when handling chemicals.
    • Respiratory protection: Not required.

    • Protection of hands: Not required.

    • Material of gloves /

    • Penetration time of glove material /

    • Eye protection: Not required.
  •   9 Physical and chemical properties

    • Molecular weight

    • Form: Fluid

    • Colour: Light yellow

    • Odour: Odourless

    •                                      Value/Range  Unit    Method      

    • Change in condition

    • Melting point/Melting range:                     0 ° C

    • Boiling point/Boiling range:                   100 ° C

    • Flash point:                       Not applicable.

    • Self-igniting:                     Product is not selfigniting.

    • Danger of explosion:

    • Product does not present an explosion hazard.

    • Vapour pressure:       at   20 ° C              23 hPa

    • Density:               at   20 ° C               1 g/cm³

    • Solubility in / Miscibility with

    • water:                             Fully miscible.

    • organic solvents:                  Miscible with many organic solvents.

    • Solvent content:

    • Organic solvents:                              0.0 %

    • Water:                                        86.0 %

    • Solids content:                               14.0 %
  •  10 Stability and reactivity

    • Thermal decomposition / conditions to be avoided:

    • No decomposition if used according to specifications.
    • Dangerous reactions No dangerous reactions known.

    • Dangerous decomposition products:

    • No decomposition products known, more dangerous than the product as such.
  •  11 Toxicological information

    • Acute toxicity:

    • Primary irritant effect:

    • on the skin: No irritant effect.

    • on the eye: No relevant irritating effects.

    • Sensitization: No sensitizing effects known.

    • Other information (about experimental toxicology):

    • No more relevant data available.
    • Additional toxicological information:

    • The product is not subject to classification according to the calculation method of the General EU Classification Guidelines for Preparations as issued in the latest version.
      When used and handled according to specifications, the product does not have any harmful effects to our experience and the information provided to us.
  •  12 Ecological information

    • Information about elimination (persistence and degradability):

    • Other information: The product is easily biodegradable.

    • Ecotoxical effects:

    • Acquatic toxicity:                                                     
      Foreseeable as non relevant.
    • General notes: Generally not hazardous for water
  •  13 Disposal considerations

    • Product:

    • Recommendation

    • Reutilise if possible or contact a waste processors for recycling or safe disposal.

    • Uncleaned packaging:

    • Recommendation:

    • Disposal must be made according to official regulations.
    • Recommended cleansing agents:

    • Water, if necessary together with cleansing agents.
  •  14 Transport information

    • Land transport ADR/RID  (cross-border)

    • ADR/RID class:                Not classified - non dangerous product
  •  15 Regulatory information

    • Labelling according to EU guidelines:

    • Observe the general safety regulations when handling chemicals.
      The product is not subject to identification regulations under EU Directives and the Ordinance on Hazardous Materials (German GefStoffV).

    • National regulations:

    • Waterhazard class: Generally not hazardous for water.
  •  16 Other information

    • This information is based on our present knowledge. However, this shall not constitute a guarantee for any specific product features and shall not establish a legally valid contractual relationship.

    • Department issuing MSDS: Q.A / Normative

    • References

    • ECDIN (Environmental Chem. Data and Information Network)
      IUCLID (International Uniform Chemical Information Database)
      NIOSH - Registry of Toxic Effects of Chemical Substances
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    • * Data compared to the previous version altered.